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James Krenov
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Photo Credit
John Shaw
From a photo shoot for the Nov/Dec 1985 issue of Fine Woodworking magazine.
The Krenov Family
The Krenov cabin near Sleetmute, Alaska where Jim's mother was a teacher.
The Krenov Family
The Krenov Family
Casting off on the Kuskokuim river in Alaska.
The Krenov Family
Unknown photographer
James wins H.M.S. Bounty model ship contest.
Unknown photographer
Carl Malmsten left, Krenov right.
Unknown photographer
Krenov rummaging in a wood lot in Stockholm.
Unknown photographer
One of the first appearances on the Mendocino Coast; a seminar in Brian Lee's (white tee shirt) workshop.
David Welter
Unloading a shipment from Sweden, 1983.
Jim Budlong
Jim shaping one of the sides of his ash Ash Carved Curves cabinet, 1985.
Unknown photographer
Jim was often in the thick of it during glue-ups.
Unknown photographer
Nick Waugh
At around 2:30 for many years, a victim would be selected to go "hit some balls around".
David Welter
A demonstration of freehand sawing a curved leg on the band saw.
David Welter
A reading of a favorite passage from Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Jim's shoes are off because he had just presented a cabinet and was walking on the backdrop paper.
Kevin Shea
A real photographer, Shea chronicled the 1992 school year as well as photograhing later Krenov cabinets.
David Welter
Jim and St. Britta at a celebration of Jim's birthday in 2000.
David Welter
Moritising for a hinge on a door.
David Welter
With the Furniture Society's Award of Distinction, 2001.
David Welter
The tool cabinet on the wall accompanied Jim in all of his shop situations.
Albert Taylor
Jim in his home shop, probably early in 2003. An earlier posting of this image mistakenly identified this cabinet as Jim's last.